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Zuriu, Get Satisfaction, & New Language Packs

Posted on January 2, 2010, at 9:22am MT

Firstly, we would like to start out by announcing the rebranding of SodaBush. With the changing of the New Year we are stepping into 2010 as Zuriu! In the next coming months layout changes, reorganizations, and (most importantly) simplification will be seen throughout the site. Please check out to follow our progress.

We are also very pleased to announce a Simplified Chinese and Italian language pack to Windowpaper XP v2.0 bringing Windowpaper to a much larger community. Thanks go out to the Su Yong gang and A&A for their hard work! You can get these language packs by downloading and copying them to your local Windowpaper XP directory (typically: C:\Program Files\SodaBush\Windowpaper XP v2.0\languages). If you want to create your own language pack for Windowpaper feel free to download the Language Pack Builder to get started.

In an attempt to get our community closer we have joined Get Satisfaction. This group brings customers and companies together to collaborate about products and services. We're excited for this service as it will streamline the support process and allow our non-English speaking users to get better support as the community will be able to help itself. Furthermore, questions that have already been answered are available for everyone's benefit. Join the community with accounts you already have like Facebook, Google, and Twitter at Get Satisfaction!

Happy New Year's everyone. We thank you for your continued support!