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Hyper Color

Have you ever been stumped trying to figure out which colors look the best together? Don't know the difference between #000000 and #FFFFFF? Hyper Color is the advanced color chooser for the Webmaster who wants to take their web design to new limits.

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  • Preview a little window that sits beside Hyper Color and shows every change you make, as you do it.
  • Export HTML your favorite coding programs from Microsoft Notepad™ to Macromedia Dreamweaver™ and everything in between.
  • Desktop Eyedrop™ ...enables you to accually extract colors from your desktop, start menu, task bar, practically anything on your screen!
  • Color Swatches ...give you a quick click to a set of forty-eight basic colors.
  • Color Spectrum ...contains a wide array of mixed colors.
  • Background Image Support ...allows you to apply a background image to preview you colors.
  • Import Color from Images ...will let you import color from eight different image formats.
  • Import Color from HTML ...lets you grab color from HTML documents on your local hard drive or type in an address on the internet.
  • and much more...