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Screen Shots

Scroll down to view fifteen select screen shots from Hyper Color!

Main Window
A snap shot of Hyper Color's main color choosing dialog.

Open Hyper
Color Swatch Set

This is what you'll see if you open a Hyper Color Swatch Set.

Preview Window

Here are some prefs for the Preview Window. You can change its content!

Generate Code
This window generates HTML and CSS coloring code.

Export Code
You can export your colors into any program that can open *.html files!

Import Colors from Internet
Want to see what colors a particular web page uses? Just enter its URL!

Color Box Menu
This menu is a shortcut to all of the different ways you can choose colors with Hyper Color.

Color Names
Looking for ForestGreen? You'll find it in the list of over 100 different color names.

Color Swatches
A simple and quick way to get those basic colors you're looking for.

Color Spectrum
This rainbow gradient has over 20,000 colors to choose from!

Color Slider
Slide your way to the perfect RGB!

Desktop Eyedrop™
Extract colors from your Desktop, heck, almost anything!

Windows Default
Old habits are hard to break. Take your computer's default color chooser for a spin!

Import Color from Image
Import color from almost any image in four simple steps.

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