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Windowpaper XP

Do you like to customize your desktop with wallpaper? Why stop there? With Windowpaper XP you can put wallpaper in the back of any window—just like your desktop. That's why we call it Windowpaper, because "it makes a better door than your window." ™

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The utility that Microsoft left out, Windowpaper XP lets you put colour or photo backgrounds in any Win XP folder.          Wanda Sloan of the Bangkok Post


One feature we particularly enjoyed from Windows 98 ™ on up was the ability to change the wallpaper of a folder as well as the text color of the icons in that folder. This would help make each folder easier to identify and would bring a personal touch to my PC.

As Windows XP ™ Home/Pro was released, many have realized that Microsoft had removed our ability to change wallpaper of our folders! Shortly after we realized the trouble on our machines, we got to work on a solution. We've found that Microsoft™ did not remove the ability to change the background and text color but instead hid the interface.

It's fairly simple for anyone to add wallpaper to a Windows XP ™ folder; however, it can get very tedious if done repeatedly. We've created a small freeware utility which handles all the hard work for you: Windowpaper XP!


  • Intuitive 1, 2, 3 Interface - Windowpaper XP is simple to use. Simply select the folder you wish to modify, your background, your text color, and you're set!
  • Real-time preview window - Watch your changes happen as you make them!
  • Change Folder Color - Just want a solid background color instead of a picture? You got it! With a simple click, you can change the folder background color to one of sixteen million supported colors.
  • Batch Folder Customization - Many people have e-mailed about adding batch functionality to the new version. Well, you asked and we listened! Just check the "Include Subfolders" checkbox and you not only modify the selected folder, but all the folders in it!
  • Change Folder Background Shortcut - Without opening Windowpaper, all you have to do is right click any folder on your hard drive and select "Change Folder Background..."

Minimum System Requirements

  • Requires Microsoft Windows XP Home or Professional ™ - Other versions of Microsoft Windows are not supported since previous versions already have the capability to modify folder backgrounds.
  • ~5 Megabytes (MB) of Disk Space for Full Install - May be less depending upon your selected installation options.
  • ~6 Megabytes (MB) of Memory - May be more or less depending upon selected Windowpapers (32 MB or more is recommended)

Windowpaper XP v2.0 Beta

We are proud to announce the newest version of Windowpaper XP! Some features include: 1-2-3 interface, change folder background images/colors, change icon text colors, batch folder customizations, add HTML content to your folders, and more! Did we mention it's free?  :)

Please be advised that Windowpaper XP v2.0 Beta is currently undergoing "Beta" testing and therefore cannot be considered a "Stable Release."

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