FAQs / Frequently Asked Questions

Hyper Color

Q. How do I use Desktop Eyedrop™?

To activate the Desktop Eyedrop color chooser, simply right click a color box and choose "Desktop Eyedrop."

To choose a color, move your mouse around the screen until you find your desired color and then, using your mouse, left click. To cancel Desktop Eyedrop, right click.

Q. When I launch Hyper Color, I don't see the main dialog. What do I do?

This is a known bug which occurs erratically. The solution to this problem can be somewhat daunting but if you following the directions below you should have no problem figuring it out.

If you still have problems, don't worry about it! You can contact us and we'll help you as soon as we can!

Step 1: Click the "Start" button, then click "Run."

Step 2: Enter this line exactly as follows—including the double quotes. "C:\Program Files\SodaBush\Hyper Color v1.00"

Step 3: Locate "hcolor.ini" and double click it. It should load in Windows Notepad ™ or an equivalent text editor.

Step 4: Under the "[Settings]" heading you should see a line that looks like "setFrmMainLeft=2000" (There may be any number to the right of "setFrmMainLeft=" in the line.) Your mission is to change this number to the number "0"

Step 5: Repeat step four to this line "setFrmMainTop=2000"

Step 6: Click the "File" menu, then click "Save."

Now you may close any other window(s) you have open and then launch Hyper Color again. Your problem should now be solved!

As a simpler alternative, you may reinstall Hyper Color.

Windowpaper XP

Q. Why does Windowpaper ask me which picture I want to use as a background every time I open a folder?

This is a rare bug which we are unable to reproduce. That said we have a fix available below...

Once your download is complete, extract the zip file and read the "Read Me First!" text document for instructions.

Q. How do I remove a folder customization?

From Windowpaper XP, click the "Select Folder" button and browse to the folder that you wish to remove the customizations from—click "OK." Next, click the "Default" button, which is just to the left of the "Exit" button. Your window will automatically be restored.

Q. Does Windowpaper use a lot of system resources?

No, Windowpaper XP only uses system resources while it's running and that means it doesn't slow down your computer at all in order to achieve these customizations.

Windowpaper simply takes advantage of a feature which is already present in Windows XP—just hidden.

Q. "Include Subfolders" is checked, but when I try to apply a background it only applies to the folder I selected and its subfolders. It doesn't set the background for the folders in the subfolders.

This behavior is by design. Originally, we were going to allow for this functionality but felt that it could be too dangerous if someone were to check this box and set a background for the root C: drive. Certain system files could get modified and possibly cause unpredictable behavior. Aside from being a little risky to system files, it would take a very long time 1 for this operation to complete since the average hard drive contains roughly 9,000 different folders that settings would need to be applied to.

In the end, we decided to get the best of both worlds. This functionality would allow for quick folder customization and would be much, much safer.


Zurvan is currently undergoing Alpha Testing which means there is little or no support at this time. Please contact us with your questions and/our comments.

If you feel you discovered a bug, please report it via our Bug Report Form.


1  Assuming the average hard drive contains 9,000 folders, it would take roughly two and a half hours per modification to be applied to a root folder (i.e. “C:\”)